Mindfulness-Based Self Efficacy Scale - Revised © (MSES-R)

Dr. Bruno A. Cayoun
MiCBT Institute and University of Tasmania

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I get easily overwhelmed by my emotions


I find it difficult to make new friends


I try to avoid uncomfortable situations even when they are really important


When I feel very emotional, it takes a long time for it to pass


I feel comfortable saying sorry when I feel I am in the wrong


It is often too late when I realise I overreacted in a stressful situation


I get so caught up in my thoughts that I end up feeling very sad or anxious


When I have unpleasant feelings in my body, I prefer to push them away


I can resolve problems easily with my partner (or best friend if single)


I can face my thoughts, even if they are unpleasant


My actions are often controlled by other people or circumstances


I get caught up in unpleasant memories or anxious thoughts about the future


I can deal with physical discomfort


I feel I cannot love anyone


I am often in conflict with one (or more) family member


I avoid feeling my body when there is pain or other discomfort


I do things that make me feel good straight away even if I will feel bad later


When I have a problem, I tend to believe it will ruin my whole life


When I feel physical discomfort, I relax because I know it will pass


I can feel comfortable around people


Seeing or hearing someone with strong emotions is unbearable to me


If I get angry or anxious, it is generally because of others

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