Our Services

Macquarie Psychology is happy to offer psychological services to clients in the Hobart area and beyond. As compassionate and supportive professionals, we are here to support you through a wide range of concerns. You can read more about common concerns here .

As well as offering individual therapy and neuropsychology assessments, we also offer services to workplaces and organisations such as ADF, Victim Support Services and insurance companies. We are registered with Medicare Australia, DVA and private Health Funds.

Therapy can provide insight and new perspectives into life’s challenges and help create solutions to difficult problems. Many people find that working with a psychologist can enhance personal development, improve relationships and family dynamics, and ease the challenges of daily life. Sometimes, just having someone there to listen is helpful.

Neuropsychology is a specialised field of psychology concerned with the examination of brain behaviour relationships.  Neuropsychologists use detailed interviewing, standardised psychometric assessments and other relevant data (such as brain imaging, pathology etc.) to assess, diagnose and treat conditions that affect the brain.

Telehealth and phone consultations are convenient, straightforward and similar to face-to-face therapy. If you are having a hard time coping right now, our supportive, caring and knowledgeable team of expert therapists are here to help.