DSP Assessments

Some individuals may require a formal assessment by a Clinical Psychologist for an application for a Disability Support Pension (DSP). Either a Clinical Psychologist or a Psychiatrist must formally diagnose a person applying for a Disability Support Pension from the Australian Government for mental health disability. Individuals must also meet other criteria that considers the nature and current effectiveness of their psychiatric and psychological treatment.

What is involved in a Disability Support Pension?

The assessment process starts with a comprehensive clinical interview. The purpose of this interview is to understand your current challenges and place them within the context of your past experiences. This would include your birth, childhood, family life, education, and medical history.

Following this, structured assessments of your current symptoms or features will be conducted to determine the nature of your presentation, how severe it is, and the impact it has on your everyday life. If required, past reports may be reviewed, and key people in your life may be contacted to obtain further information.

After conducting the assessment, a report will be prepared according to your needs, followed by a discussion of the findings and support recommendations.

Does the Assessment Report ensure funding from Centrelink?

It’s important to note that receiving a diagnosis or functional assessment does not automatically guarantee approval for funding and support by Centrelink. This is because experiencing mental illness or cognitive challenges, while it can be disruptive, challenging, and even debilitating, may not meet the specific criteria set out for a disability under these programs.

You can find more information about  Disability Support Pension eligibility here.

We understand that clients can be disappointed when they require formal support, as the process can feel lengthy and exhausting. As psychologists, our assessments and recommendations are based on best practice guidelines for diagnosis and disability support, with a focus on the following:

During the assessment or when discussing report conclusions, we encourage you to share any concerns or distress you may be experiencing, including the disappointment of not meeting the threshold for a disability. We also offer other support recommendations and avenues to pursue to obtain greater support.

It is important to note that Centrelink has established disability criteria against which the information and evidence you provide will be evaluated. Unfortunately, this means that even if you have received a diagnosis and a report that shows the nature of your functional challenges, your application may still be denied.

Assessment and Report Information

Clinical Psychologist: Dr Jason Little
Referral: not required
Clients: 18 years +
Bookings: Kindly contact us to schedule a brief initial telephone interview with Dr. Little to discuss suitability.