Terms of Service

Psychological Service:

As part of providing a psychological service to you, we will need to collect and record personal information from you that is relevant to your current situation. This information is a necessary part of your psychological assessment and treatment.


All personal information gathered by the psychologist during sessions will remain confidential unless: a) we are required by law to disclose information b) failure to do so would place you or another person at serious risk c) your prior approval has been obtained. If you intend to claim the Medicare rebate, your psychologist is required by Medicare to provide brief progress reports to your referring paediatrician, psychiatrist, or GP who completed the Mental Health Treatment Plan after each block of 6 sessions or earlier if required.


Macquarie Psychology is a private billing psychology practice and appreciate full payment of fees on the day of consultation. Accounts are unfortunately not able to be given. In case of non-payment on the day, a $15 late payment fee will apply.

While fees at this practice are below the rate recommended by the Australian Psychological Society (APS), this practice does not bulk-bill. Therefore, even after claiming Medicare rebates, an out-of-pocket cost applies to all appointments.

Standard Consultation (50 minutes): $205. The Medicare rebate is $129.55 ($75.45 gap).
Medicare rebates are available for a range of specified psychology services for people with certain conditions for up to 20 partially medicare-subsidised sessions per calendar year (i.e., 1st Jan to 31st Dec), under the Better Access scheme. You must be referred by your GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician to receive the rebates.
If you are eligible for Medicare rebates and provide relevant medicare details, we can submit claims to Medicare for you. This means that Medicare rebates will go directly back into your linked bank account after payment.

Department of Veterans Affairs: Gold and White Card DVA holders will be billed via DVA (referral required from GP).

Insurance Claims: All insurance claims will be privately billed on the first visit, UNLESS an approved/active claim number, insurance company details and referral letter from GP are provided. There is no Medicare rebate associated with this billing.

Letters, Reports and Forms: Letters, Psychological Reports and Form completion are billed according to the amount of time required to complete them at the current APS hourly rate of $267 + GST. Letters, Psychological Reports and Forms do not attract a Medicare rebate and are usually not claimable as a private health fund rebate. A quote will be emailed before the letter, report or form is commenced.

Cancellation Policy:

Macquarie Psychology is committed to providing exceptional care. Unfortunately, when one client cancels without giving enough notice, they prevent another client from being seen. While we endeavour to provide a courtesy SMS reminder for the appointments, it is ultimately the client’s responsibility to remember the appointment time. Please notify us by 4:00 p.m. the day before your scheduled appointment of any changes or cancellations. To cancel a Monday appointment, please notify us by 4:00 p.m. on Friday. If prior notification is not given, you will be charged 50% of the Standard Consultation fee for the missed appointment.